Upcoming Events


1. Friday, November 28th, 7:00pm, Monthly Shabbat dinner

at Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel “Raphael’s” Restaurant, 1st floor
2099 West Yan'an Road, near Xingyi Road /上海扬子江万丽大酒店延安西路2099

Join us as we continue with our monthly Shabbat dinners on Friday, November 28.

Gathering                                6:45pm
Shabbat service                        7:00pm
Kiddush and Shabbat Dinner      7:30pm
100RMB for Students
200RMB for members
220RMB for non members
Kids under the age of 10: Free

Please RSVP to info@kehilatshanghai.org


2. Hanukah Treasure Hunt and Party!
Saturday, December 13 4:00pm, location TBA

Your Family Won't Want to Miss This!
Shanghai's First Ever Hanukah Treasure Hunt and Party!

Get ready, get set...to solve the puzzles, find the clues and be the first to discover the map that will lead you to a hidden treasure chest. 
Along the way, you'll need to use your noggins, your cameras (or smart phones), and your creativity to win the big prize!

Great Prizes for every team, Delicious Donuts, Decorate your Own Dreidels, and a mini scavenger hunt for even the smallest Maccabees (5 and under).


3. Hanukkah Concert
Sunday, December 14 at LGMY Art Live Space*

250 Wuyuan Lu, near Yongfu Lu, Xuhui district /  徐汇区五原路250号, 近永福路 (nearest metro: Shanghai Library)

Join us for a live concert played by Bobby Rootveld and  Sanna van Elst from the Duo NIHZ. Come listen to Jewish music and celebrate Hanukkah, in spirit, in joy, and in song!

4:00pm- Kids' program: How many strings are on a Guitar?  What’s a melodica?  Children will discover the answers to these musical questions and more during this interactive Musical concert. These presentations are a fun, interactive way for our youngest listeners to learn about the instruments and learn more about Hanukkah.

7:00pm-Jewish music concert for adults

*The LGMY Art Live Space will not charge entry fee, however there is a minimum order of 30 RMB per person. 

2015 KS Board Elections 


Kehilat Shanghai is Growing and developing and so is our Board. We welcome you all to take an active part in the community!

Election Process

  1. Nominations opened for 2015 KS Board during the members dinner on Nov 12 (electronic notice will be provided to all members not in attendance)
  2. Members* can nominate themselves or other members for Board participation (email to info@kehilatshanghai.org)
  3. Nominations will close on Nov 28
  4. Voting will be tendered by electronic means Dec 1-3
  5. New Board will be announced on Dec 5, and new Board members will start no later than Jan 1, 2015


  1. The KS Board is comprised of dues paying members of the community
  2. Nominees who have not yet pledged membership dues shall have the option to do so if they wish to accept the nomination
  3. Voting will be open to dues-paying members - each member (individual, couple or family) can vote for up to 9 candidates
  4. The Board will be limited to 9 members maximum - the 9 members with the most votes will be elected.