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Welcome to our Progressive Kehilah in Shanghai, China!  Our Purpose is to ensure that Jewish people from all backgrounds feel at home in Shanghai today and for generations to come, and to celebrate Jewish culture and traditions in a progressive spirit.

Our community is comprised of singles, families, interfaith couples, seasoned entrepreneurs, executives, young professionals, teachers, students, artists, and others.


Kehilat Shanghai is affiliated and strongly supported by the WUPJ (World Union of Progressive Judaism) and its regional arms: The UPJ (The Union of Progressive Judaism) in Australia and the APJ (Asia Progressive Judaism)



September 2019:

17th - Scotch & Cigar Night at Constellation Bar 

20th - Shabbat at Bread Etc. with guest speaker, Eli Bar-On

29th - Erev Rosh Hashanah Services and Dinner (and Children's Service and Activities) at the Millenium Hongqiao Hotel

30th - Rosh Hashanah Services at Ohel Moshe (Shanghai Jewish Refugee Museum) 


October 2019:

8th - Kol Nidre, Yom Kippur

9th - Yom Kippur Day - services, study sessions, break-the-fast

11th - Summer Camp Style Shabbat 

12th - Community B'nai Mitzvah Ceremony (invitation only)

13th - Family-Friendly Sukkot Celebration and Camp Airy/Louise Bagel Brunch! 


Ongoing Opportunities: 


Tov! Education Program - 2 Sunday's per month at WeWork on Fuxing Rd in Xuhui District - learning opportunities for 2-12 year olds, B'nai Mitzvah preparation, adult education sessions 
Membership (local and overseas) and Donations to support our community are always welcome to help support our many ongoing events and opportunites. See 'Donation' page above. 


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Become a Member



Please note that due to Chinese regulations, Kehilat Shanghai events and activities are available only for foreign passport holders and their families. 

Thank you for your understanding.